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"It's been five years in the making and I felt immensely proud.

I was so proud of my wife also, who lead the race for about 18 miles and was eventually beaten by a Chilean ultra marathon runner.

Then they will be off to the racy Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza, one of Wayne’s latest business ventures and the place where Danielle first fell for his laddish charms, on a night out last year (the next morning she cancelled her homeward flight and moved in with him).

I’ve definitely found the one,’ he swooned (though Danielle’s mother Jillian Sandhu later assured me that, much as she likes her daughter’s new boyfriend, talk of wedding bells is premature).Martin and Sarah Steer, both 41, began their journey in 2011 when they ran the Stockholm Marathon in Sweden.Since then they've travelled to Sierra Leone, Melbourne, California, the Great Wall of China and even the South Pole to take part in races.Before I got started with all of this, I had always helped my friends with their own online dating profiles.It wasn’t until later, after witnessing the great results from my profile makeovers, that I considered extending my services to a wider range of people. The heart of my services is in the online dating profile rewrite.May is here, another summer beckons, and for the eternally juvenile Wayne Lineker — younger brother and playboy alter-ego of strait-laced soccer pundit, Gary — life would appear to be whizzing along at its hedonistic best.


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